ГЛХУ "Волковысский лесхоз"
Administration Building GLHU "Volkovysk forestry"
      GLHU "Volkovysk forestry" is organized in 1939 on the basis of the state woods of Poland, and also the wood lots belonging to certain land owners, monasteries, banks and so forth. For January 1, 1940 the timber enterprise consisted of 6 forest areas (Volkovyssky, Lyskovsky, Mostovsky, Porozvsky, Rosokovsky and Yalovsky) total area of 58919 hectares and entered into Belostotsky territorial administration of wood protection and afforestations.

      In fascist occupation the considerable part of documentary materials was destroyed, the woods were injuriously exterminated. After release in 1944, the Volkovyssky timber enterprise renewed the activity. The first post-war lesoustroystvo of the woods of timber enterprise is made in 1952.

       GLHU "Volkovysk forestry" is located in a southwest part of the Grodno area in the territory of Volkovyssky, Svislochsky, Berestovitsky, Mostovsky and Zelvensky administrative regions. On lesorastitelny division into districts of the wood the Volkovyssky timber enterprise treats a subband fir-tree грабовых oak groves of Neman Podlesskogo of the lesorastitelny area.
         Main directions and timber enterprise kinds of activity:

• the silvicultural -
includes the organization of maintaining forestry, directed on effective use of wood resources, protection, protection and reproduction of the woods; preservation and creation in the fixed territory of the highly productive, biologically steady woods and the wood fauna which activity is carried out at the expense of budgetary funds and receipts from silvicultural activity.

• commercial (self-supporting) - includes development of lesosechny fund, woodworking production, вывозку wood from the wood on industrial warehouses or other warehouses of consumers, for satisfaction of requirements of the internal and external markets, and also development of a collateral lesopolzovaniye and preparation of minor wood resources.

    The structure of timber enterprise includes 7 forest areas: Berestovitsky, Volkovyssky, Karevichsky, Podorossky, Porozovsky, Rossky, Svislochsky and lumber camp "Zamkovy".

      Total area - 63 116 hectares, including covered with the wood - 57 592 hectares.

    In more detail familiarize with establishment structure you can on page About timber enterprise
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